Is The World At a Standstill?

If you think that the world is coming apart at the seams, it is not because your imagination is running out of control, it is more because life itself appears to have crashed for many people. What with the death and injury unleashed by the coronavirus pandemic around the world? Added to these are the internal contentions of individual nations brought about by lack, poverty, political and religious divisions, and the oppression of certain groups within certain geographical boundaries. Perhaps the best example here can be provided by the police brutality against African Americans in the United States, often resulting in a needless death at the hands of the police. It is not by accident that the Black Lives Matter protests have attracted support from all over the world. And for the first time, African Americans’ protests against injustice and oppression in the United States now have the support of all groups and demographics in the country. Truth is everyone’s life is beginning to matter and should matter.

Is it still true then to say that the world is at a standstill, like there is no progress? We, the people of the world, are at a point of a great movement forward. A phenomenon unleashed by the police killings of African Americans, and the rejection of which is supported by other nations and their people, who believe that injustice and oppression are not the ways to serve any group of people. This is in agreement with God’s Word and truth, and will prevail!

Vision–An Understanding

Vision is a topic that seems unwise to talk about at this time, considering that people are only concerned right now with holding on to dear life. Rather, we may want to talk a little bit about what our understanding of vision should be. However, the truth is it is for the same reason that it is right to talk about vision, with or without trying to explore it in any particular context. While many among us are mourning, and weeping, and grieving and so us all because of the havoc the pandemic has caused, there is life after the pandemic.

So, like to a prayer, I urge you to hold on to that dream, that thought, and to your vision. And who knows? after the dust settles, that thought of a solution to a problem which started to take hold in your mind during the quarantine or Stay-at-home-order, may yet blossom and become a source of help and inspiration to many for sometime to come. Hold on to the vision, do not let go! PEACE AND COMFORT!

The Miracle Called Prophecy

Prophecy is a miracle! An unseen God speaking to people whom He can see but who have no ability to see Him, except by the Spirit. No one can see God with his or her human eyes; it is from beginning to end a spiritual experience, even when the individual is drawn into God’s presence by what appears to have a physical existence, like Moses’ Burning Bush–Exodus 3. Except the Spirit is leading the effort, there is a possibility that the prophets and their works can be approached just as writings to be read. It is available, so we can read and learn about the life of Isaiah the Prophet or about the Prophet Jeremiah, but what may be missing is the complete appreciation of what we are interacting with. In every respect, God’s revelations to biblical prophets and to prophets today are all aimed at revealing God’s intended interventions in the human situation, in order to bring us the needed help useful for living peaceably in God’s created space, the earth. Such intended divine intervention revealed to a human is prophecy. Prophecy is a miracle!

The Word

“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.”

John 1:1

In all of God’s speaking to humans, prophecy is the most prominent and the most dynamic, because it reveals God’s intended line of action in order to bring a God Effect to a human situation. While God reaching out to individuals may be very useful, prophecy usually affects life in general and/or the earthly population as a whole, and which for the sake of what is revealed can also address only particular sections of the human population. In essence, what is revealed through prophecy could be directed at specific persons, groups, or the larger population. In any case, it is a divine outreach to man. And whether it is the entire Word of God as represented in the Bible or it is the Word as embodied in Christ HIMSELF–hardly any difference– to understand what prophecy is about, we must look beyond the cold print. It is the living and faithful Word of God. The changes and effects the living Word is designed to bring to human lives also exist in the realm of the miraculous because it is far beyond what one person or preacher says to another person–1 Corinthians 3:5-7.

Yet to all who did receive Him, to those who believed in His name, He gave the right to become children of God–children born not of natural descent, nor of human decision or a husband’s will, but born of God.

John 1:12-13.

The Scripture passage quoted here, John 1: 12-13, which is very real for born-again Christians, proclaims a miracle. And it starts with the prophetic word of God, which is the first part of the miracle. On believing in the name of Jesus, and receiving Him as Savior and Lord into one’s life, something happens. What happens aligns with the prophetic Word as given in Scripture. “If anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here!”–2 Corinthians 5:17. When this happens, there must be a change in lifestyle, in confession and in actions. There can be no two ways to it, except the experience is not genuine or is incomplete–Acts 19:1-7. Incidentally, however, this same Scripture passage seem to be what those have in mind, among others maybe, who claim all prophecies have seized. It becomes therefore, a case of interpretation. This can be done from the Spirit of God as all word from God is supposed to be handled, or by intellectual and learned reasoning which can in no wise read God’s meaning, because the Spirit of God is not at the forefront of the person’s interaction with the Word. Attempting to interpret God’s Word without the Spirit of God is a dangerous pastime.

To be a part of the miracle and to partake in the benefits prophecy in any form offers, everyone who seeks a relationship with God through Christ must as of necessity, be a student of the Holy Spirit. If the Holy Spirit is not in the equation, Christianity cannot take root and bear fruit the way it was meant to be. But thank God, He hears all that we speak and ask, and knows when we are desiring of that relationship in the Spirit.

About Prophecy

Just a predictive ability does not make a prophet, nor is prophecy simply a regurgitation of what has been made known to the prophet.

Prognostication. Divination. Prophecy

Many take prophecy to mean ‘making predictions.’ The understanding here is that God speaks to a prophet who simply quotes Him. But this is only half the story. For those who know, predicting the future is not a way to describe what a prophet does. Just a predictive ability does not make a prophet, nor is prophecy simply a regurgitation of what has been made known to a prophet. A prophet is first and foremost one who has been called to God’s righteousness; to live a righteous life and to model it, showing to everyone else how God wants us to live in the world. This is the only setting that gives prophecy meaning; for the prophet not only to tell us but to show us. In other words, a prophet’s life will model absolute obedience, even when he or she is feeling stupid about it. The reason is that God’s wisdom which the prophet operates in actually neutralizes his or her own wisdom. Following the line of this thought, because other things may behave and act like prophecy, a distinction has been made here.

Prognostication is the ability to predict future events based on present signs and symptoms in the environment. An economist for example, will be able to predict a recession by simply observing trends in the economy. Divination on the other hand looks to the unseen or the supernatural–gods, spirits, powers of the unseen world–in order to interpret what is happening in the world, or in order to predict future events.

Prophecy is God’s divine will and purpose, revealed to a prophet, and keeps human beings informed of what God’s intentions are regarding His created earthly space–the world–and how He wants people who live in the space to relate to Him and to one another. It may also identify specific issues in the world or in our local environment and what God plans to do about them. Above all, this will let us know that human life is to be lived to please God in any circumstance. So what is the relationship between these three?

There is a bit of a prophet in every human being but the ability to make prognostications may also involve specialized training, an economist for example. People are able to make predictions based on anything; real life experience, training, knowledge of the environment among others. Prognostication and divination could behave like prophecy but they are not. In these instances, people by their own effort try to draw information to fulfill a need but with prophecy, the prophet’s role is to receive. He plays no role in when God releases His information or what He uses it for, but the prophet must handle the messages according to the revelation–living, working, and moving only by obedience. If it is not Holy Spirit inspired, it is not prophecy, it is divination.


The Miriam-Webster dictionary of English language defines prophecy as “an inspired utterance of a prophet.” It further refers to prophecy as “a prediction of something to come.” While these two descriptions are accurate, the dictionary tells us still that it is “specifically: the inspired declaration of divine will and purpose.” There’s hardly any description that can be more accurate, because prophecy is about God and His Word and how He plans to use it to affect human life on earth.

To do that, He separates some people to Himself, called prophets, and put His Word in their mouth, to speak to whoever and in whatever place of His choosing, and to speak exactly what He says to them–no more and no less. In GOD’S END-TIME MOVES, shown below, the topic of Prophecy occurs in chapter six, page 58. And will here give the first few lines regarding this topic, in order to help others better appreciate God and His will for His creation.

“Prophecy is God’s stated intentions communicated through a prophet. It is usually a statement of what He wants to do or bring about in the world. God communicates His intentions to a human being, a prophet, who has been enabled by God to hear Him speak.” This is the crux of the matter; that God, by His own wisdom alone, chooses those whom He enables to receive messages from Him for onward transmission to fellow human beings, with only one purpose in mind–to enable us live in His created earthly space the way He would have it done. In other words, the prophetic utterance is given to mankind to help us understand how we ought to relate to God and to one another, and above all, to please God. There is no living a Godly life which is not based on His will. To do His will is to hear His truth, to believe it and live it.

Prophetic utterances and declarations, based on visions and revelations, are given solely for one purpose; to reveal God’s will and how to do it. All other things follow once this is in place. And the numerous other attendant things following such revelations and/or visions fall into one of two categories. Is it pleasing to God? or is it in opposition to God’s will? Put another way, are all our motives and intentions right with God, or have the people, including the prophet, set out to please themselves?–2 Timothy 3:2 & 4. Prophecy is Word revealed by God to do what He says it will do or can do.