Is The World Still There?

Peace! The Sky is still in place!

If the sky is still in place and it is obvious that it is, we can conclude that we are standing on earth. Without a doubt life has been hard for many people around the world, being the result of the coronavirus pandemic. Yet people still wake up everyday irrespective of where and how they passed the night, still trying to make a living. It is hard for many, and for others almost completely impossible. And it is unlikely that the earthly space as we know it is going to be much different than it is now no matter how difficult life gets.

Not The End Yet!

The pandemic has destabilized many families, has killed many, has made many poor poorer. But if you can see the sky still, life is not over yet. Many pastors and preachers have been about trying to advance reasons for the plague. My advice is that you concentrate on what leads to healing, and not on the things that exacerbate confusion and frustration. Find peace in the Lord, find joy in His name–Matthew 11:28, John 6:37. Locate the oasis in the desert of despair–John 3:16-17.

Living The Vision

The Christian Experience

The vision for the Christian living is a synthesis of many parts, all of which must work together to produce the whole called Christian living. Christian living will produce a Christian experience, based on the vision for Christianity. The vision for Christianity is that of the Spirit. And this will answer the question, What is the genesis of Christianity? Christianity is based on Jesus Christ, His life, teaching and ministry, but whose actualization is by the Holy Spirit. Christianity will not exist without the Holy Spirit. The conflict many have who identify as Christians is how to live the vision.

How Did You First Encounter God?

What was your first awareness of God? Like Noah’s in Noah’s Ark?

Whether your first awareness of God was in the quiet of your personal space, or in a public setting, like in a church, the important thing is that you are made aware of God as the Owner and Creator of your life and all others. When this truth takes hold, you find that you want to know more about Him. In this quest if properly founded, you take the first steps in living the vision–the reality of what it takes to live a Christian life.

“Noah was a righteous man … and walked faithfully with God”–Genesis 6:9. That means his ways were already pleasing to God. And so he was sent on a mission to do a work that would extend salvation to others. Noah began to live the vision by the time he was constructing the ark, at least as far as people could see. Whether in the Old Testament or the new, there is no living the vision without faith and obedience, in what is referred to in the letter of James as a ‘doer’ of God’s Word rather than just a listener–James 1:22. And in Luke 6:46, Jesus says, “Why do you call me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ and do not do what I say?” To live the Christian vision, one must closely walk with God–by positioning oneself to constantly hear the word of God, read from it and study it, listen to it, pray it, and above all to do what it says. The Helper and Guide in any of these and more, is the Holy Spirit.

The Christian Experience

Visions. Dreams. & Revelations

To become a Christian, you would have a revelation of God’s Word and truth. It does not matter whether you discovered it yourself or if someone preached it to you. At the point that you believe, there would be a conviction that the way of the Lord is the way to live life on earth. However, the revelation is one thing, but to live the Christian life is another. When you have had the revelation, however it pleases God to have that happen, you now set upon living the vision. The revelation is to draw your attention, your part is to live the vision. There is no Christian experience without the vision. Take one example from the Bible, John chapter 1 verse 12. Find out what it takes to walk in the full rights and authority of God’s Word and truth.

The Holy Spirit May Be Active Or Non-ACTIVE In A Believer’s Life-Acts 19:1-7

Receiving the Holy Spirit is not automatic upon believing (Acts 19:1-7), contrary to the widely held view that it is so. Yet believing in the name of Jesus sets the stage to receive the Holy Spirit. Without the Holy Spirit, a personal relationship with God is hardly possible. With the Holy Spirit, our dreams and visions take a different meaning, giving full body to a Godly life–a life informed by God’s Word and truth and not just what we think or imagine. It is not by accident that Christ called the Holy Spirit, the “Spirit of truth”John 16:13. And will “teach” us and “guide” us and will “bring to our (your) remembrance” all things that Christ has taught us–John 14:26. In the Christian life therefore, we do not live by imagining what life should be like or what it can be, but by allowing God’s Word and truth to instruct and guide us in all our dealings in the world. When this is lacking, it is possible to see one identifying as Christian speak and do things which are ungodly just like the unbeliever will do. In other words, actions and utterances that are not informed by God’s truth. Receiving and/or seeking to receive the Holy Spirit is the one path to true salvation and a sincere and righteous walk with God. It is not achievable any other way.


The word vision is not foreign to our everyday life experiences, it is used all the time. How often do we hear a child or young person asked, ‘what do you want to be when you grow up?’ Vision then is the ability to visualize something which is not yet in place but which an individual can dream of, towards achieving a certain goal. It does not have to be something big, but it is a thought, it is the power of the imagination. The image in this post for example is a very simple concept but which serves its purpose. The globe, the Bible, and a few select books in a beautiful setting speak to those who understand this concept and perhaps to many more.

How simple is this image?

There is a god in everyone, and while we can all explain our day dreams, people generally have no ability to explain night dreams. That makes a lot of difference when vision is the topic of discussion. The world supposedly is governed by the visions and dreams of those who are in leadership positions or who want to lead society, and of course those whose dreams and visions have placed them in exalted positions in the world regarding achievements. Are the visions of people individually or collectively tied then to an overriding vision which human beings do not understand? Find out.

Visions And Dreams

Visions. Dreams. & Revelations

Typically a dream is associated with night time experience–of things we see and hear and feel when we sleep, in what feels like a dreamland or a place of fantasy. A fantasy because unless there is an extraneous circumstance, such things do not become part of our everyday life. However, a dream could be just a thought. But when a thought becomes compelling in a person’s imagination such that the individual can see or envision real life results by carrying out some actions, we say he is a visionary. Our visions and dreams can become reality when we pursue them with a passion. Some of the world’s great inventions came into being by such a process.

The Connection


There is a God element in every human being, whether we know it or not. The power of the human mind is as God designed it. But to whatever use we put it, we are accountable. God did not expect man on earth to be slothful, but from the very beginning wanted to help us conquer the space He created for us, and so gave us the power of the imagination and to think. He said, “Be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth and subdue it, and have dominion over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the air…” -Genesis 1:28.

The Christian Experience

The Christian experience introduces the Holy Spirit into our relationship with God. Without the Spirit of God, a personal relationship is hardly possible. With the Holy Spirit, our dreams and visions take a different meaning, giving full body to a Godly life–a life informed by God’s Word and truth. This becomes the beginning of the new life and a new experience with God. In this new life, we do not live by just imagining what life should look like or what it can be, but by allowing God’s Word and truth to instruct and guide us in all our dealings with others.

Is The World At a Standstill?

If you think that the world is coming apart at the seams, it is not because your imagination is running out of control, it is more because life itself appears to have crashed for many people. What with the death and injury unleashed by the coronavirus pandemic around the world? Added to these are the internal contentions of individual nations brought about by lack, poverty, political and religious divisions, and the oppression of certain groups within certain geographical boundaries. Perhaps the best example here can be provided by the police brutality against African Americans in the United States, often resulting in a needless death at the hands of the police. It is not by accident that the Black Lives Matter protests have attracted support from all over the world. And for the first time, African Americans’ protests against injustice and oppression in the United States now have the support of all groups and demographics in the country. Truth is everyone’s life is beginning to matter and should matter.

Is it still true then to say that the world is at a standstill, like there is no progress? We, the people of the world, are at a point of a great movement forward. A phenomenon unleashed by the police killings of African Americans, and the rejection of which is supported by other nations and their people, who believe that injustice and oppression are not the ways to serve any group of people. This is in agreement with God’s Word and truth, and will prevail!

Vision–An Understanding

Vision is a topic that seems unwise to talk about at this time, considering that people are only concerned right now with holding on to dear life. Rather, we may want to talk a little bit about what our understanding of vision should be. However, the truth is it is for the same reason that it is right to talk about vision, with or without trying to explore it in any particular context. While many among us are mourning, and weeping, and grieving and so us all because of the havoc the pandemic has caused, there is life after the pandemic.

So, like to a prayer, I urge you to hold on to that dream, that thought, and to your vision. And who knows? after the dust settles, that thought of a solution to a problem which started to take hold in your mind during the quarantine or Stay-at-home-order, may yet blossom and become a source of help and inspiration to many for sometime to come. Hold on to the vision, do not let go! PEACE AND COMFORT!

Coronavirus Cannot Stop Us

It is amazing and noteworthy how sidewalk manners are changing since the pandemic broke–at least in places where I walk. More than ever before, it appears it’s just now about people. People walking in opposite directions on the sidewalk act very deferentially as they approach each other and one another. Those with more space on their side often create the needed space for social distancing and some have sometimes left the sidewalk altogether to give room to others to move/walk while maintaining the often required social distancing. This is followed by acknowledgment–by waving hands in greeting, a raised fist, or a simple ‘hello’ said from a safe distance.

Bible Group Reading Together

So, where was all this love and consideration for people prior to the coronavirus outbreak? They were always there but not always put to real use, in some cases one may add. This makes us all human. But Jesus was and is always about people. If this is one lesson we learn from the pandemic, it is a good thing for the world and of course for people who live in the world, no matter how small a sample this might be at this point. It could very well become a trend in all facets of human life and should be encouraged. But unselfish love and consideration come from the truth of God’s Word, in a universal way. “Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.”–FOR ALL! John 15:13. That is a situation that requires us to make a sacrifice for the comfort and convenience of others, like Jesus has shown to us although we could never match His. “You are my friends if you do what I command.” –John 15:14. When we do His commands we become better human beings–a more loving and more considerate people–our brothers’ and sisters’ keepers. It shouldn’t take a coronavirus pandemic, but the love of God and His truth to spread love and consideration in the world.

“It Is Finished!”

He said, “It is finished!” Done! Mission accomplished! Now we have access to God as human beings never had prior to the death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ. He is the same who tells us His own part of the deal is done.

What then are we waiting for who have not learned to trust in the Word, and who do not depend on it to live life on earth? Use it! It is available, because, “It is finished!” –John 19:28-30. And put all your cares on Him, because He cares! —1 Peter 5:7.

Reacting To COVID-19

This is just another reminder that the corona virus is still around. In fact, it has now been declared a global pandemic by the Wold Health Organization. What that means is that it is now seen to be more widespread than previously thought. It also means it will likely get worse before it gets better.

Protect yourself and people around you from easy contact with the virus by following the advice of the professionals. *Wash your hands often with warm water and soap. *Avoid crowds. *Practice social distancing. *Sanitize surfaces. *Use hand sanitizer among other things

For those who pray.

While you pray for your community and loved ones to put a distance between you and the virus, it is important to follow the advice of the experts. The scourge will pass! PSALM 91:1-6, 9-10.