A Bold Statement

The topic we shall be discussing here isn’t something out of the blue, and isn’t something based on research or the pure effort of the “author” either. But rather a solid twenty-four years of listening, waiting, praying , reading, writing, and doing whatever is laid in my heart to speak or do as one who receives word directly from God.

Hello! I am Prophet/Evangelist Ida ZaraGrace Iyen-Aghedo, called to ministry in August 1995. Called to be a prophet to the Church and to the nations, from inside the comfort of my own home. A ministry that directly points to God is by no means an easy task to handle. For any size assignment however, there is a matching size grace. THIS IS COMPLETELY IN GOD’S WISDOM. On the human part, for anyone to publicly declare, “I am a prophet,” myself being first in that line, the individual, like me, will know both the PAIN and of course the pleasure of complete obedience and total dedication to God. So on this site, we shall be talking about what God has been about. Prophecy, Wisdom, and Vision–what are these supposed to do; who needs them , and for what purpose?

Is this work lying or is it a case of God lives hidden from men, let Him mind heaven’s business and let humans mind the business of the world? If this is how you see God’s work, you are in for a great surprise!

What We Shall Be Talking About


Quoting God

What this means, and how it relates to human life on earth, whether we know it or not.


Knowing How

God set the world in place by His Wisdom and rules it by His truth, whether it is obvious to many or not.


What to do

How do we know that any course of action is good or bad? Or that it will be a blessing to others, or that it is evil? Romans 1:20

Prophecy, wisdom, vision, and related topics, will be discussed here. In addition, we shall be looking at the relatedness of these three main topics and how they were supposed to coordinate one with the other. Did God really make a provision for mankind to prosper on earth? And how have we done?

What People Are Saying

The Revelations of God to man were fulfilled in Jesus Christ. There are no more Prophets.

S. W

Have you received the Holy Ghost with speaking in tongues as is taught in the Book of Acts?

V. R. S

It is a vast deception to follow a Church/denomination or an apostle over the proven promise of Jesus.

G. R

Watch out for answers to what people are saying. God’s Word holds all the answers!

Let’s build something together.