The Christian Experience

Visions. Dreams. & Revelations

To become a Christian, you would have a revelation of God’s Word and truth. It does not matter whether you discovered it yourself or if someone preached it to you. At the point that you believe, there would be a conviction that the way of the Lord is the way to live life on earth. However, the revelation is one thing, but to live the Christian life is another. When you have had the revelation, however it pleases God to have that happen, you now set upon living the vision. The revelation is to draw your attention, your part is to live the vision. There is no Christian experience without the vision. Take one example from the Bible, John chapter 1 verse 12. Find out what it takes to walk in the full rights and authority of God’s Word and truth.

The Holy Spirit May Be Active Or Non-ACTIVE In A Believer’s Life-Acts 19:1-7

Receiving the Holy Spirit is not automatic upon believing (Acts 19:1-7), contrary to the widely held view that it is so. Yet believing in the name of Jesus sets the stage to receive the Holy Spirit. Without the Holy Spirit, a personal relationship with God is hardly possible. With the Holy Spirit, our dreams and visions take a different meaning, giving full body to a Godly life–a life informed by God’s Word and truth and not just what we think or imagine. It is not by accident that Christ called the Holy Spirit, the “Spirit of truth”John 16:13. And will “teach” us and “guide” us and will “bring to our (your) remembrance” all things that Christ has taught us–John 14:26. In the Christian life therefore, we do not live by imagining what life should be like or what it can be, but by allowing God’s Word and truth to instruct and guide us in all our dealings in the world. When this is lacking, it is possible to see one identifying as Christian speak and do things which are ungodly just like the unbeliever will do. In other words, actions and utterances that are not informed by God’s truth. Receiving and/or seeking to receive the Holy Spirit is the one path to true salvation and a sincere and righteous walk with God. It is not achievable any other way.


Prophet/Evangelist. Called to ministry in August 1995 as prophet to the Church and to the nations. A writing prophet, with two books publicly available at this point--MY CALL:THE PROPHETIC VISION and GOD'S END-TIME MOVES.

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