Visions And Dreams

Visions. Dreams. & Revelations

Typically a dream is associated with night time experience–of things we see and hear and feel when we sleep, in what feels like a dreamland or a place of fantasy. A fantasy because unless there is an extraneous circumstance, such things do not become part of our everyday life. However, a dream could be just a thought. But when a thought becomes compelling in a person’s imagination such that the individual can see or envision real life results by carrying out some actions, we say he is a visionary. Our visions and dreams can become reality when we pursue them with a passion. Some of the world’s great inventions came into being by such a process.

The Connection


There is a God element in every human being, whether we know it or not. The power of the human mind is as God designed it. But to whatever use we put it, we are accountable. God did not expect man on earth to be slothful, but from the very beginning wanted to help us conquer the space He created for us, and so gave us the power of the imagination and to think. He said, “Be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth and subdue it, and have dominion over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the air…” -Genesis 1:28.

The Christian Experience

The Christian experience introduces the Holy Spirit into our relationship with God. Without the Spirit of God, a personal relationship is hardly possible. With the Holy Spirit, our dreams and visions take a different meaning, giving full body to a Godly life–a life informed by God’s Word and truth. This becomes the beginning of the new life and a new experience with God. In this new life, we do not live by just imagining what life should look like or what it can be, but by allowing God’s Word and truth to instruct and guide us in all our dealings with others.


Prophet/Evangelist. Called to ministry in August 1995 as prophet to the Church and to the nations. A writing prophet, with two books publicly available at this point--MY CALL:THE PROPHETIC VISION and GOD'S END-TIME MOVES.

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