Wisdom is Know-how. It is the greatest attribute of God yet. Then you ask, What of His power, His love, and all other great qualities associated with Him? Your question may be well thought-out, but this is the reality. He is an all-powerful God, but even God does not use His power without Wisdom. And so He devised a strategy for the well-being of the physical person on earth, and that will be called love (John 3:16). But love does not exist in a vacuum, it should and does live in our hearts. And something requiring a response, whether it is from human to human, or from God to people. As God would also have it, how to respond to His Love is also found in the scripture given above, among others.

Essentially two forms of wisdom can be identified–Godly Wisdom, and worldly wisdom. They have been portrayed in God’s Word as being opposed to each other. While worldly wisdom is concerned with the needs of the physical person and how to make it and/or make a mark on earth, for example, 1 Corinthians 3:18-20, Godly Wisdom on the other hand is concerned with the ‘prosperity’ of the total person on earth–body, soul, and spirit.

For insight on how Godly Wisdom works, James 3:17-18 among others provides a good example. “But the wisdom from above is first pure… impartial and sincere. And a harvest of righteousness is sown in peace by those who make peace.” To get a good view of how God’s Wisdom works, it is important to look at some of the words used in this Bible verse: Pure–purity, impartial–impartiality, sincere–sincerity, righteousness–a harvest of righteousness, peace. How many times a day does anyone find people who are filled with and exhibit these virtues? Is that the problem of man on earth then? Worldly wisdom marks the fall of man, but Godly Wisdom marks the point of restoration. We can make it work! Return to God today and to the virtues His Word has clearly made known to us, and then submit. Submission is the key, and operates by wisdom from above. By this is meant that you need to tune in to that wisdom to experience the full potential of not what you think you can be, but what God wants you to be. Watch out for more on Wisdom!


Prophet/Evangelist. Called to ministry in August 1995 as prophet to the Church and to the nations. A writing prophet, with two books publicly available at this point--MY CALL:THE PROPHETIC VISION and GOD'S END-TIME MOVES.

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