Hello! Happy New Year

It’s been quite a while. Actually like an extended holiday, unplanned though that may be. Some say 2020 crept up on us, others say it was fast paced. In any event, this is 2020 and grateful for this as with others preceding. Yet it is common knowledge that human experience mostly shows that in any given year, there will be events that bring joy and fulfillment, while others may not be so fortunate.

Planning for the year ahead may be based on previous experiences or on new and relevant information and/or learning, all aimed at having a better year ahead. While this may be based mostly on human wisdom, there is nothing wrong with it except there is a higher wisdom. The wisdom from above shows us how to prosper beyond material benefits. The question then is how can we find that wisdom and more importantly, how can we make the best use of it?

The answer appears a little far fetched. Who needs wisdom from above from one maybe who does not experience the same life situations as those who live on earth? How can any learn to be sympathetic with those going through problems they have never encountered? The answer is called listening. There is nothing the Lord God does better than to listen to those who will call on Him. To have your needs addressed to God with a view to finding a solution, you need to know first of all that He is listening each time anyone finds the resolve to speak to Him. He is the God of Us. He listens! Set out in the new year to speak to God and to learn how to do it effectively.


Prophet/Evangelist. Called to ministry in August 1995 as prophet to the Church and to the nations. A writing prophet, with two books publicly available at this point--MY CALL:THE PROPHETIC VISION and GOD'S END-TIME MOVES.

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